Media Centre

The conference organisers are happy to collaborate with media professionals for an extensive coverage of the conference.

The following services will be made available:

  1. The publication on this page of press releases and background material in English and Italian.
    1. Press release_English_Nov_2018
    2. Press release in Italian_June 17th 2019
    3. Fact sheet (25/08/2019)
    4. Press release English_IAATO_August 27 2019
    5. Final Press release English August 30th 2019
  2. A press conference is scheduled for Monday 26th of August at 11.00 AM, hosted by the City of Bologna. Palazzo d’Accursio-Sala Luca Savonuzzi (first floor). Piazza Maggiore. Bologna.
  3. Free access to one day of the conference for media professionals upon request via this link.
  4. Support in the organisation of interviews.
  5. The availability of a press corner at the main conference site for interviews.

Upon request media organisations will be mentioned on the conference website and in the programme among the Media Partners.

Contact for international press:

Contact for Italian press: Maria Rosaria Motolese (

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