Get involved!

How can my organisation contribute?

There are different ways in which your organisation can participate in the conference. The main ones are:

-becoming a national or international partner organisation

-becoming an official sponsor

-applying for the status of “collaborating organisation”


“National or international partner organisations” are partnering organisations from Italy or abroad that collaborate with the host in the organisation of the conference. Typically, they have a specific interest in this field and are willing to support the organisation of one or more aspects of the conference, for example taking care of accessibility services, art work, video documentation, transportation, social programme, etc.

For each contribution in kind of the value of 3.000 euro, agreed upon with the main hosts, they will have one free registration.  On top of that, each 5th registration coming from the same partner will be for free. Partner organisations will further be mentioned on the website and in the conference programme.


“Sponsors” of the AAATE 2019 conference are organisations, including companies, that contribute financially to the conference. Sponsors can either directly pay invoices related to the conference or donate sums of money to the local (AIAS Bologna onlus) or international organisation (AAATE).

The minimum contribution in order to be acknowledged as a sponsor is Euro 5.000.

Sponsors will have their logos reproduced on the conference website and will have the possibility to expose a “roll up” banner at the conference venue.

Sponsors donating more than 15.000 euro will receive a special recognition during the event in a form and moment to be agreed.

Sponsors will have one free access to the conference, including the social events, for each 5.000 euro they donate.

Sponsors will have the possibility to register up to 6 participants (business contacts, employees, board members, etc.) against a 40% discount on the full registration fee. These registrations will have to come in the form of “block bookings”.  


“Collaborating organisations” are membership organisations or consortiums with clearly identifiable members that contribute to the success of the conference.

They commit to do either one or both of the following activities:

-Promote the call for contributions on their websites, newsletters and during their events

-Propose and coordinate one or more special thematic sessions, policy sessions or educational sessions (see text call for contributions).

In return the members of collaborating organisations will have the right to access the conference against the same reduced fee as AAATE members, while the name and logo of the collaborating organisations will be reproduced on the conference website and programme.

Collaborating organisations will sign a letter of commitment, including the commitment to collaborate with the organisation in checking that their members applying for the reduced fee are actual members. A template that should be used to apply for the status of collaborating organisation can be found here: Template collaborating organisation


In case you consider one of these opportunities, please contact Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf: