The conference team

Name (Position) – Role at the conference

Martina BizzarriMartina Bizzarri (AIAS Bologna AT team – OT) – Welcome desk
Lisa CesarioLisa Cesario (AIAS Bologna AT team – Software engineer) – Technical support
Carlo Ciccaglioni (AIAS Bologna – Communication officer) – Photographer
Lorenzo Desideri (AIAS Bologna AT Team – Psychologist & Researcher) – Programme Committee Chair
Priska Feichtenschlager (AAATE – Secretariat in Linz) – Welcome desk & Registrations
Valentina Fiordelmondo Valentina Fiordelmondo (AIAS Bologna – Project officer) – Operations manager
Arianna GherardiniArianna Gherardini (AIAS Bologna AT team – Researcher) – Welcome desk
Evert-Jan Hoogerwerf (AIAS Bologna – Head of AT Sector & AAATE – Secretary General)
– Conference co-chair
Sabine LobnigSabine Lobnig (AAATE) – Conference Press officer
Massimiliano Malavasi (AIAS Bologna AT team – Engineer & Team coordinator) – Technical support
Alberto MingardiAlberto Mingardi (AIAS Bologna AT team – ICT-AT expert) – Technical support
Carlo MontanariCarlo Montanari (AIAS Bologna AT team – Communication engineer) – Technical support
Mariarosaria MotoleseMariarosaria Motolese (AIAS Bologna AT team – Engineer) – Italian Press and VIP Contact
Simona Muzzioli (AIAS Bologna AT team – Secretariat) – Welcome desk
Ivan Nanni (AIAS Bologna AT team – ICT expert) – Technical support
Eleonora RavagliaEleonora Ravaglia (AIAS Bologna – Projects Office Administrator) – Welcome desk
Federica Rossi (AIAS Support staff) – Welcome desk
Gianluca TravagliniGianluca Travaglini (AIAS Bologna AT team – ICT-AT expert) – Technical support
Emanuela VenturiniEmanuela Venturini (AIAS Administration) – Welcome desk