For the 2019 conference we have changed the publication strategy for conference contributions. In earlier years we always published a book with full papers of all accepted contributions. The costs of this book were quite high and many authors felt the publishing a full paper in this book would hinder them from publishing their work as a journal article elsewhere. That is why we have decided to publish only short abstracts this time. These short abstracts will be published as a digital supplement of the journal Technology and Disability, with one DOI for the whole supplement, allowing the abstract to be traced. For those authors who would like to have their work published as a journal article we offer the possibility to submit a full paper to the journal. These papers will be evaluated in the same way as regular submissions, but we will make use of the same reviewers who have also reviewed the accepted abstracts so that they are already some information about the paper. There is not guarantee that these contributions will be accepted for publication but, given the fact that the underlying abstract has already been evaluated positively does of course increase the chances of acceptance. In case an author would like some advise on the publication strategy, it is always possible to contact the editor, Luc de Witte

Luc de Witte, President of AAATE